About us

Mailstronger was born from the ambition to create a unique platform that accompanies companies in their marketing projects from A to Z.

Part of the Swiss company WeLead SA, we work with a team of young specialists who have expertise and know-how in the fields of marketing, business support and customer relations.

We followed two principles in the development of our tools: simplicity and efficiency. Because we believe that the beauty of the message and the quality of the content can and must go hand in hand in order to ensure the best possible results.

We are pleased to work with more than 10,000 customers worldwide and we will continue to work to ensure that those who trust us will always receive the best possible service.

Mailstronger does not tolerate SPAM emails and requires all its users to obtain permission from their subscribers to send them messages.

By using our services you agree to abide by our anti-SPAM policy. Any user who breaks this agreement is liable to be suspended and to be banned for using our services.

EmailSolar becomes MailStronger and the V4 is online

Opening of several offices in Europe

Opening transactional e-mail APIs

Creating the online HTML editor

Launching the EmailSolar application