Tailor MailStronger to your site or application with our API

Quick and Efficient Solutions

  • Integrate your website and send your SMS
  • The MailStronger API Json is designed in a way to be easily understood. Requests are sent via HTTP POST, GET, PUT OR DELETE method and responses are in JSON format.
  • Can be used in any language : Curl, PHP.

Better Deliverability and Click-Through Rate

  • Increase your deliverability statistics by customizing your sender name.
  • MailStronger gives you access to massive communication tailored to all business needs.
  • SMS is a simple and powerful means of communication.
  • In addition, the SMS makes it possible to make a significant financial saving.
  • Observe and analyze the performance of your SMS campaigns in real time.

A Secure Sending Environment

Your data is safe with us and it will always be. In order to do that we have a number of measures in place.

  •   We secure your SMS with API key permissions.
  •   We have data centers situated in Switzerland and France. They are very well secured and they have a high level redundancy.

Share the MailStronger platform with your whole team

Take advantage of our dashboard that is easily accessible for non-technical users.

  •   Save time and money thanks to our free newsletter templates. Find many inspiring examples for both SMS marketing campaigns et SMS
  •    Use our plugins to connect in 2 clicks with the best CMS
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Send your emails with confidence!

Create campaigns and retrieve all kinds of useful information to update your database.