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  • Dedicated ip
  • Email
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  • 121.00$ / Per year

    MailStronger offers a dedicated IP offer to meet your everyday needs, while benefiting from a preferential rate throughout the year.

    Get a dedicated ip

    What is an IP address?

    Shared IP VS IP dedicated

    When you choose a shared IP address, you share with other clients not only the server but also its reputation. As a result, if a shipper presents a questionable activity, the reputation of all the other accounts will also be impacted (deliverability rate, blacklisting of operators / courier, etc...).

    With our dedicated IP address solution, we allow you to get a unique and private IP address that only belongs to you. In this way you can control your reputation with ISPs and anti-spam services without being dependent on the actions of others.

    Shared IP at MailStronger

    The shared IP from MailStronger ensures that all campaigns that use our shared IPs are good qualities. However, if you want to control your reputation 100% we recommend switching to a dedicated IP.

    Features for all your emailing needs

    Intuitive email editor
    Template Gallery
    Send API

    Number of dedicated IP recommended

    Your emails need per month

    Find below a table to help you define your need for dedicated IP:

    Starting from 1st June, you will be able to send unlimited campaigns !

    You can send unlimited emails to unlimited contacts!

    You buy one or more IP addresses (99 € excl tax per IP and per year).

  • How many emails do you want to send per month?


    Emails Free

    • Unlimited contacts
    • Logo MailStronger
    • No dedicated IP
    • 400 emails /day


    • No logo
    • API access
    • Unlimited contacts
    • no sending limit


    • No logo
    • API access
    • In practice:
    • Unlimited contacts
    • Account manager

    • no sending limit
    + de 1 000 000
    Do you need to send
    over 1 000 000
    e-mails / month?

    How many emails do you want to send per month?

    API access
    CPM billing
    Dedicated project manager
    Many dedicated IPs included

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Do I need my credit card to register?

No, you can discover all the features of MailStronger for free by simply creating your account.

Can I try MailStronger before signing up?

Mailstronger is a platform for professionnals: you can test the free plan, but it is only made as a demo and it can’t be considered as a professional routing solution. We invite you to contact us so we can discuss together and offer you the best solution thatsatisfies your needs.

Do I need specific knowledge or skills?

Not at all. Our platform has intuitive tools that will help you create beautiful newsletters and segment your contacts. In case you need any help you can check our tutorials and FAQs, or you could contact our support team by phone, by email or by sending a ticket.

What if I change my mind?

You do not have a commitment. You can stop your subscription at any time, directly from your account. Your data will be retained if it is a temporary shutdown; or deleted if you request it.

Is there a contract?

By creating your account, you agree to our terms and conditions and our anti-spam policy. Our offers are free of engagement obligations and they don’t have any hidden costs : you can change your plan at any time, without any extra fees.

How can I pay?

Payments are made by credit card, bank transfer (only in Europe), or through Adyen or Paypal. The subscription starts on the day of payment and is renewed the same day of the following month (ex: from 5th March to 5th April). Payment is made at the beginning of the period. E-mail or SMS credits are invoiced at the time of purchase. All your invoices are directly available on your account.