Sending your emails is only one half of the job : the large amount of information you can collect through the reports of deliverability and engagement of the customers is just as important. MailStronger offers in-depth analytics for your campaigns that will help you to better orient your corporate communication and adapt it to the needs of your clients.

  • More than 30 different real-time metrics

Today, databases are crucial to your business. Knowing better the behavior of your customers also means adapting better to their needs and desires. With MailStronger you can enjoy over 30 different settings that will measure your message performance and the engagement of your receivers.

  • Visualize and monitor your performance with our dashboards

MailStronger’s dashboard is an important tool for analyzing your performance : it allows you to make a quick overview but also to dive into more detailed information. As it displays the results in real time, your dashboard will quickly become an indispensable device for all your campaigns

While designing it our team kept in mind some major rules: the interface should be intuitive and ergonomic to use, with clean graphic design and useful content. So now you can benefit from a complete analysis of the behavior of your customers in just a few clicks!

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